Speedway Meeting

Speedway Meeting 5.2

A text-based motorcycle racing simulation
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5.2.1 (See all)
Meynell Enterprises
Participate in a text-based simulation of speedway races and compete against other players. The game takes into account each player's averages then calculates who would end up on top in case two participants would meet at a real speedway. It embeds a scoreboard where the players can see how well or bad they're doing.

A text-based motorcycle speedway racing game. Thisprogram simulates a wide variety of meetings from therider names and averages entered by the user. A numberof popular meeting formats (e.g. British Elite Leaguematches) are included, but a scripting language allowsthe creation of new meetings and the customisation ofexisting ones. Meetings may be run automatically; orinteractively with up to nine players competingagainst each other or the computer. An editor is alsoincluded that allows team line-ups to be loadeddirectly from a file.

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